Off The Clock

A TPT Digital Podcast

Join us for our new TPT Digital podcast, where we take a deep dive into the structural changes happening in the business world as a result of the global pandemic. With your hosts, Shane Madden and Whit Harwood, we're joined bi-weekly by guest speakers, to bring you insights into all things digital.

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S2 Episode 1 - Building Digital Factories with Chad Niemuth

Chad Niemuth, a digital leader at Campari, joins the podcast to discuss what it means to build a digital factory, how to build alignment across a distributed and multi-brand organization, and how to build a tech stack based on your company's growth stage.


S1 Episode 6 - Social Commerce with David Shaw

Join us for a TPT Digital podcast on how brands can use augmented reality (AR) to reach their customers in innovative ways. We're joined by David Shaw, International Product Lead at Snap, to discuss how Snapchat has built a platform which allows companies to connect with audiences around the world, driving brand engagement with every AR experience.

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S1 Episode 5 - Social Media as a Brand Platform with Tom Ovenden

We're joined by Tom Ovenden, social media manager at Extreme International, to discuss how social media has changed the advertising landscape, predictions for 2021 trends, and how companies can harness these powerful platforms to reach millions of consumers worldwide. 

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S1 Episode 4 - The Great Acceleration with Leigh Gammons

Join us for a TPT Digital podcast to discuss how COVID-19 has forced companies all over the world to adapt in order to survive. We're joined by Leigh Gammons, CEO at Wunderman Thompson Technology, to take a look at the winners and losers, industry shifts and trends of the past year.

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S1 Episode 3 - Monetizing Gaming with Mark Power

We are joined with Mark Power, founder of gaming and live commerce agency LiveCraft and CEO of Amazon agency Podean, to discuss how brands can use gamification to reach global consumers. As the world of gaming grows significantly, we discuss predictions for 2021, the evolution of gaming campaigns, and how brands can look at this progressive channel to build customer relationships.

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S1 Episode 2 - Reaching Consumers with Jack Cohen 

Listen in to hear us discuss the power of the consumer and how platforms are enabling additional forms of customer engagement. We're joined by Jack Cohen, Content & Community Lead for FirstMark’s Platform team, to explore how brands are using experiential techniques to reach consumers on a more emotive level.

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S1 Episode 1 - Interactive Reality with Steven Moy

Learn how interactive reality can play an important role in your marketing strategy and the process that brands should follow to engage consumers on their journey. As technology rapidly develops and virtual environments are an everyday reality, we're joined by Steven Moy, CEO at Barbarian, to discuss this exciting evolution.

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Your Hosts

Shane Madden

Shane started his career in a brand management role with one of the biggest drinks companies and brands in the world, Jameson. Shane marketed the brand in Eastern Europe before returning to Ireland to set up and run his marketing company for two years prior to joining TransPerfect in 2011. In 2013, Shane moved to NYC to lead the development of the specialized digital division for TransPerfect in North America. Now a senior director, Shane has nine years' experience working and partnering with the biggest brands and agencies in the world, helping them achieve their key global business objectives. 

Whit Harwood

Whit is currently a group lead on the change delivery team at Peacock, focusing on go-to-market operations and the implementation of new product launches and features. He joined the Peacock team in July 2019 from NBC News, where he had been working as OTT partner manager and helped launch the 24/7 news streaming service NBC News Now.