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From promotional and internal animation videos, to live action films, our film and design specialists work with each brand to tell their story. Whether you are looking to create a teaser, explainer, training, or compliance video, we have a dedicated team of in-house film crew, strategists, and designers who work with clients from idea conception through to delivery. Wherever your customers are located, we will work with you to ensure your message is seen and heard.

Are you localizing your videos?

With a global audience, localizing your video into the viewers language is important for maximum impact. As a digital content agency that's part of the TransPerfect family of companies, we have access to a global network of over 5000 native-speaking linguists, covering over 170 languages. From ideation, to production, localization and post-production, TPT Digital provides end-to-end video support.

Other Video and Design Services

  • Live Action
  • Video Editing
  • Stock Footage Videos
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Post-Production
  • 3D Modeling
  • Motion Graphics
  • AR/VR and 360 Video
  • Graphic Design

Some of Our Media Work


ETNIA wanted to become more creative in their digital efforts, and use video content to reach a broader social media audience, with a particular focus on a younger demographic. TPT Digital produced a series of video clips for a social media campaign, supporting on everything from concept to launch, including script-writing, production, localizing and launching in all their key markets. Through the power of video, ETNIA managed to reach their target consumers, achieving a wide reach and increased brand visibility.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent, a French luxury brand of international renown, wanted to create a promotional video for the launch of their new line of cosmetics. In order to provide a quality video that would correspond to their needs, we worked in 360° project management including format-selection, location scouting, administrative work, and casting.
Live action enabled the brand image and values to be conveyed effectively; luxury and elegance were emphasized by the different elements of the video. Also, the brand could be promoted in a subtle yet eye-catching manner as the perfect compliment to their ready-to-wear clothing line.


Audi wanted to introduce a new service that automates service appointment scheduling. In order to demonstrate the ease of the new application they were introducing, it was important to present the platform clearly and effectively in order to familiarize users and improve customer experience.

Using clear visuals with a streamlined graphic style adapted to the Audi brand, our video effectively explains how to use the app with straightforward instructions. The new platform is presented in an appealing manner and encourages clients to utilize the application, highlighting Audi’s excellent customer service.

Allianz Partners

Allianz Partners wanted to address insurance companies and Neobanks looking to improve their range of insurance and assistance services. The insurance sector is not the sexiest, so it was a challenge to deliver their message in an engaging way.

Through this video, we helped Allianz Partners develop its attractiveness on a B2B services catalogue by making the subject likeable. We aimed to immerse the target audience from the first few seconds into the fantastic journey of the character, Mr. Stuff Happens, who is undoubtedly not alone in needing insurance on a daily basis...We follow the inconveniences experienced by Mr. Stuff Happens and using humor, we showcase how Allianz Assistance services can support clients, and why other organizations would benefit from using their services.


Decathlon wanted to attract intelligent and dynamic individuals to join their IT department. To make the department sexy and appealing, they needed to showcase the exclusive experience of being a part of the company, as well as effectively communicate the requirements for joining the team.

We created two videos with informative visuals to show the importance of the IT team and skills order to inspire recruitment. The longer version allows Decathlon to explain the different jobs in the IT department in detail, showcasing the opportunity to join their incredible team of engineers. This video will be broadcasted at all trade shows and during presentations in schools. The short version is intended for social networking sites and the HR website, which gets 1 million hits per month!

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"I have been impressed with how the team at TPT Digital helped us to define our goals and the digital strategy required to help get us there. They were able to advise our web team and support us with strategy, content and digital execution which exceed our expectations!"

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